Digital Panel Instruments

Digital panel instruments for sophisticated industrial applications.

Compact digital displays, bargraphs as well as large-screen displays for microprocessor-controlled signal processing of analog measuring values via 16-bit-A/D - converter: DC V/mA, DC V/mA-differential measurement, DC mV/µA, AC V/A, resistance measurement, recognition of rotationed angles, frequency measurement, temperature measurement PT100, PT1000 and thermocouples.


Multiple inputs per instrument, numerous output options, robust closed front-panel-housings in all Norm sizes, brilliant and reliably readable LED-displays, low-reflecting filter plates.

Inputs on pluggable screw terminals and D-Sub-connector, three- to five-digit displays, bargraphs with 1- or 2-times 10 - 50 segments, user-friendly programmable operating parameters, indicating range and decimal point freely programmable, galvanic insulated supply voltage, dimensional signs on the filter plate, neutral frontal view, custom-designed modifications of type instruments.


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Celsa Messgeräte España S.L.Els Francs 7
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